How to Root Your Telstra Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100T)

Perhaps like me you recently picked up your brand new Telstra Samsung Galaxy S2 (also known as the Galaxy SII or i9100T). But like me too, you quickly realise that its full power can’t be unleashed without “rooting” your phone (like “jailbreaking” for iPhone converts). Or you may have just heard about rooting your android phone and want to know if it is right for you.

So why would you bother rooting your phone? Well there are a number of good reasons:

  1. Rooting allows you to remove the (mostly useless) apps that Telstra/Samsung bake in to the original ROM;
  2. Rooting allows you to install other custom kernels which can include various speed and efficiency tweaks;
  3. Rooting allows you to install software which, in conjunction with the above, can control the speed and voltages of the processor, allowing you to either increase the phone’s speed or decrease the power usage (more battery life – always a plus!);
  4. Rooting gives you access to ClockWorkMod recovery which lets you flash and install files more easily directly on your phone;
  5. Rooting is the first step to installing a custom ROM.

Interested in achieving any or all of the above? Then this is your simple guide to do just that.

I should point out that I claim no credit for any of the software or kernels you use in this procedure. Pretty much all of this is thanks to the hard work of awesome XDA-Developer Chainfire. This guide is primarily aimed aimed at Telstra users who don’t know which files to use for their phones. I also include a more visuals in my steps for those who are a bit confused.

Note: whilst extremely unlikely to cause any problems, flashing a rooted kernel is not 100% fool proof. Following this procedure is completely and utterly at your own risk, even though it worked flawlessly for on my phone. I take zero responsibility for any negative consequences you may experience as a result of following this guide.

The process takes no more than about 2 minutes once you have the requisite files. You won’t even lose any of your files or settings. What you will need:

  1. A trusty MicroUSB cable
  2. Odin3 (the Samsung ROM flashing software);
  3. The KF4 rooted kernel (which is the version which matches the stock July 2011 DVKF4 Telstra ROM)

The Flashing Process

  • Make sure your phone is disconnected from the computer and switched off before starting.
  • Download Odin3 v1.85 (first post) and the KF4 kernel ( – fourth post) from Chainfire’s SGS2 CF-Root thread at Xda-Developers. You will need to register on the forum to download the files – highly worthwhile anyway.
  • Extract the two ZIP files into a new folder. You should have the following files in the folder:


  • Open Odin3. Click on the PDA button and select the CF-Root-SGS2_ZS_OZS_KF4-v4.0-CWM4.tar file. Make sure that “Re-Partition” is not selected. Your screen should look similar to this:


  • Now the only *remotely* confusing part – placing your phone into download mode. With your phone already switched off, simultaneously hold down the Home (middle) button and the Volume-Down (on the left hand side) button, then hold the Power button (on the right hand side). If you hold this button combination correctly you will see the following screen (if it didn’t work, you’ll need to switch your phone off and try again):

2011-08-02 09.38.50

  • Press Volume-Up and you should see this:

2011-08-02 09.39.43

  • Now we are ready to flash the kernel. Plug the phone into your MicroUSB cable. If you are doing it for the first time, some drivers may automatically install to allow communication with the phone in download mode. Once this is complete, check your Odin3 screen for the following changes:


  • If you are still with me at this stage, you are good to go. Press Start in Odin3 and let it do its magic (the phone’s screen will change to a progress bar so you know it is doing something).
  • The phone will reboot and you are done.

Now when your phone reboots you will see a yellow triangle on the Galaxy SII startup screen. Don’t fret; it just indicates that custom software is installed and there is no effect on the operation of the phone. The way to remove that triangle is also in Chainfire’s thread if it really offends you but I haven’t bothered.

That’s about it! Enjoy the new found capabilities of your rooted Samsung Galaxy S2.

Wondering what to do next? Try removing some of your useless stock applications.



33 responses to “How to Root Your Telstra Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100T)”

  1. Martin Avatar

    Amazing, Thank you!

    1. Glad to be of service.

    2. Geoffrey Avatar

      Martin i have a problem all went well got to the screen with the yellow triangle and wont go any further

  2. […] you followed my guide on how to root your Telstra Galaxy S2 (i9000T)? One of the easiest things to do next is to remove the (mostly) useless applications bundled on […]

  3. Thanks for that. So glad to get rid of the Telstra bloatware. Now is there a way of removing the telstra animations on startup and shutdown? or even better a way to edit it so a pirate ship sails by in the foreground 🙂

  4. Whatajoke Avatar

    Hi Maxwell, Do you know the secret codes to access the menu so i can increase the headset volume while in a call. Im on a Telstra GS2 and cant get enough volume through the earphones. cheers.

  5. Hey there,

    Does this method leave you with the phone saying it’s a 9100t or just 9100 on startup?

    Cheers, and thanks!

    1. It’s normal for it to say i9100 afterwards.

  6. Thank you, have been on XDA scratching my head as to what files I use.. took me a total of 1 minute to follow this tutorial and it’s all working.

    Thanks heaps.

  7. Can you unroot? Do you know if the Telstra ROM is available somewhere?

  8. I too would like to know if you know of unroot process? just in case I need to unroot for a warranty claim. I know you can reset the counter but would you know where to get the Telstra Stock ROM so I can flash it?

  9. Great write, but how do we flash back the original kernel that was on the phone?

  10. Thanks mate, I was on the brink of committing suicide. Bloody ridiculous amount of stuff to read but yours was fast and simple. Any recommendations for custom ROMS that will work fine on ours?

    1. Depends on how much you want to tweak. Would recommend DarkyROM as the easiest custom, Touchwiz-based ROM to deal with.

      I am using CyanogenMod7 myself (waiting impatiently for Ice Cream Sandwich based CM9 to be ready).

  11. I didn’t study up how to root my galaxy S2. I only purchased it yesterday from Telstra. I already had superoneclick installed on my computer so I put my phone in USB debugging mode, started Superoneclick and hit root.
    I now have the superuser logo in my menu and it seems to have worked without any problems.
    Should I have followed this procedure instead??

  12. Anthony Bloch Avatar
    Anthony Bloch

    odin gets stuck on setup connection and my phone screen does not change.

  13. the only file wi get when i unzip the is zimage..


    1. If you actually check the extension it should be a .tar file.

      The image is the same as a zip file which you are seeing. SO confusing.

  14. Praveen Avatar

    Really Great Job Friend.Thanxx soomuch 4 ur Help!!!!!!!!

  15. How do we then get rid of that damn yellow triangle on boot?

    I’ve seen people re-flashing with stock firmware and what not, but I’m not sure on which files i need to use.

  16. Joshylord Avatar

    Thanks, it worked! When I seen a comment about superone click, I was just going to try that, but this is fine.

  17. Simon Borg Avatar
    Simon Borg

    Good article, good instructions, except you left one important piece of information out that may save the average person some time going around in circles. You specifically mention getting the KF4 Kernel.

    Everyone should check first what kernel version they are using. Eg. The Kernel you should download from Chainfire is KG1. IF you can’t find the particular version, you can use the next closest number. Mine was LP4, but I downloaded LP3 and it worked PERFECTLY.

    Also, donate to ChainFire if it works.

    1. Exact same situation here. LP3 version worked perfectly on my LP4.

  18. Doug Quinn Avatar
    Doug Quinn

    Thank you , after so much reading was beginning to give up on the idea of doing this.but after finding this i gave it a go.soooooooooooooooooo simple.
    but as simon said u need to find the cloest kernel.mine was also LP4 so downloaded LP3 and wrks great too

    1. Will S Avatar
      Will S


      After you used the LP3 kernel to root your s2, any problems with 2G/3g reception? AND, had your Telstra S2 been officially updated to ICS prior to rooting it (if that matters?) with the LP3 kernel on chainfire thread? Cheers.

  19. Jamie Simpson Avatar
    Jamie Simpson

    hey i have kernal version

    can i please get a link to the correct tar file i need?

  20. does this work for ics 4.0.3?

  21. Finally I have found a no BS easy to follow guide that doesn’t treat you like a retard because you haven’t been rotting android devices for years.

    I have LP4, I read on another forum that CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_LPS-v5.4-CWM5.rar is the one to use. But I see here that someone has used LP3. At least I know others have had success now.

  22. Thanks worked great

  23. Hi,
    This is very good and straight forward info. But I am confused about which kernel to use?
    Though I have Samsung galaxy s2 with Telstra. My kernel version is bit different

    Kernal version: 3.0.31 – 889696 dpi @dell230 #3 smp preempt tue apr 23 16:15:11 kst 2013

    Build no: jzo54k.I9100tdvlsk

    Baseband version: I9100tdvls3

    Please tell me what kernel I should use. I am afraid if I use wrong one and loose my phone.

  24. Jasper Avatar

    Got stuck at the SAMSUNG GALAXYSII Screen and won’t go any further. Thanks for nothing man got a bricked phone…

  25. Amazing work mate,
    Thank you.

    Do You have any custom roms for GT – I9100t which i could use? All the roms out there are for Gt – I9100.
    I’m being careful not to brick my phone.
    Cheers mate.

  26. helpz plz Avatar
    helpz plz

    help pls my baseband thing is i9100TDUKF4 DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT TAR I SHOULD USE

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