Africa 2013 Photos – South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique

Here I present a selection of photographs from my incredible overland trip through Africa from earlier in the year. Key highlights include Cape Town, Swakopmund, Etosha National Park, Chobe National Park, Victoria Falls and Ponta Mamoli. Camera: Nikon D600 Lens: Nikkor 28-300mm VR f3.5-5.6

Schwartz’s CrossFit Challenge 2011 – Photographic Highlights

The weekend of 5 and 6 November saw over 140 elite athletes from all around Australia attempt Schwartz’s CrossFit Challenge 2011. Five intense workouts over two days (seven for the top 16) brought many to their knees, including some of the country’s best known CrossFitters. I didn’t make the final, coming a (somewhat) respectable 51st …